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Procedural requirements to be followed for availing MSEFSL DP services:
The procedures detailed herein are subject to change as may be stipulated by the regulating authorities.
Account Modifications
Delivery Instruction Slips
Transmission of shares in case of death of the holder
Pledging of Shares
Initial Public Offer
Account Opening Norms
Corporate Actions
Account Modification :Top
Change of Address, Telephone Numbers, Mobile Numbers, e-mail ID, Bank Details and Nominee can be modified.
The account modification / deletion form can be Obtained from the DP main Office or Investor Service Centres.
Any of the following can be submitted along with Address Modification Form
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Voters ID
  • Driving License
  • Copy of Bank Pass book Front Page (attested by the bank)
  • Latest Copy of Electricity Bill
  • Latest Copy of Telephone Bill
  • Latest Copy of rental Agreement
Documents to be submitted along with Bank Modification Form
a) Photocopy of the cancelled cheque having the name of the account holder where the cheque book is issued
b) Photocopy of the Bank Statement having name and address of the BO and not more than 4 months old
c) Photocopy of the Passbook having name and address of the BO
d) Letter from the Bank
In case of option (ii), (iii) and (iv) above MICR code of the branch should be present/mentioned on the document & it should be self certified by the BO
Delivery Instruction SlipsTop
Delivery Instruction slips are used by BO account holders to transfer the shares from their account to another Client account or CM account.
Account Transfer ( Off Market Transactions):
Transferring their Holding shares from their account to another Client account in the same depository.
On-Market Transactions (for Market Commitments):
Transferring the shares directly from their account to the respective Stock Exchange for their Market Sale position. This facility is available only in CDSL.
Transferring the shares to the Clearing Corporations to fulfill the Margin commitments by Clients for the Trades executed by them on the T-day.
A sample filled-in format of the above mentioned Delivery Instructions are enclosed as a downloadable file.
Dematerialization or DEMAT is a process to convert the securities held in physical form into electronic form.
According to the Depositories Act, 1996, an investor has the option to hold shares either in physical or electronic form.
To dematerialize a particular share one will have to open a DEMAT account with the DP, thereafter he will have to fill up a DEMAT Request Form(DRF) and submit the same to the DP for dematerialization. For each scrip a separate DRF should be used.
Collect the DEMAT Request form from the DP main branch or Investor Service Centre.
Rematerialization Top
Electronic holdings can be converted back into physical certificates if you wish to get back your shares in physical form.
REMATERIALIZATION is the term used to convert electronic holdings back to Physical certificates.
Collect a REMATERIALIZATION Request Form(RRF) from the DP main office, or, from the Investor Service Centres,
Mention the number of shares to be dematerialized and submit a duly filled form to the DP along with the charges mentioned in the tariff. Within 30 days the RTA or the company will send the physical shares to the address of the holder registered with the DP.
Transmission of shares in case of death of the holderTop
Transmission of shares is the process by which securities of a deceased account holder are transferred to the account of his legal heirs / nominee. Process of transmission in case of dematerialized holdings is more convenient as the transmission formalities for all securities held in a DEMAT account can be completed by submitting necessary documents to the DP, whereas in case of physical securities the legal heirs/nominee/surviving joint holder has to independently correspond with each company in which securities are held.
The claimant should submit to the concerned DP an application in Transmission Request Form (TRF) along with the following documents:-
  • A notarized copy of the death certificate, in case of the death of the sole holder where the sole holder has appointed a nominee.
  • In the case of the sole holder where the sole holder has not appointed a nominee.
  • A notarized copy of the death certificate of the holder and any one of the below mentioned certificates.
  • Succession certificate
  • A certificate copy of the will and the probate
  • A certified copy of the letter of administration (if value of holding is less than one lacs.)
  • A Transmission Request Form can be collected from the DP main Office, or, Investor Service Centres
Pledging Of SharesTop
DEMAT securities (all securities other than government securities) can be pledged and the beneficial owner can be able to get a higher loan amount, with reduced margins and with lower rate of interest.
For pledging securities the pledgor and the pledgee must have beneficial owner accounts at the CSDL, the depository participants may be the same or different under CSDL.
Pledgor has to fill up a PLEDGE REQUEST FORM (PRF), the pledgee may countersign the PRF.
One copy of the PRF should be given to the DP and second copy to the pledgee.
Initial Public OfferTop
IPO is popularly known as INITIAL PUBLIC OFFER. Any company can issue IPO to generate capital for its operations. Investors can participate in these IPOs. when a company issues its shares to the public through a prospectus with a credit rating given by credit rating agencies within the Country.
The credit of shares allotted in IPO by the company/RTA can be effected in the investor’s DEMAT accounts directly in the DEMAT form.
Those who are willing to get shares in electronic form should mention the depository name (NSDL/CSDL), BENEFICIARY OWNER ID AND DP ID in the application form of the company.
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